Who We Are

Bloup was founded by Vicki Jin and takes its name from the French translation of a wolf.  A wolf has the capacity to endure challenging conditions, are extremely intelligent and have inquiring eyes. Bloup has been established with a mind to apply these characteristics in the challenging business environment.

Years of experience in working with Chinese media, international business, and language coaching in the marketing industry. Assisted with many European and American entrepreneurs to explore and complete their projects in China. Bloup has gained rich experience and knowledge about the Chinese market, language coaching, legal working conditions, and acquired competitive intelligence in this specific market.

Bloup firmly believes that there is no limitation in our life and as such applies the same mentality in the business world. What we do, is to be brave, intelligent, and able to think outside the box. We provide our services according to your unique requirements. Closely work with you as every business is different. We customize services for you and assist you to boost your services or products in the Asian market. We also help Asian business come to European & American markets.


Through data and competitive analysis, we bring and assist you making the right decisions according to your requirements. We are here to achieve your ambition with you. There is no limitation for your business, as long as you can imagine bigger.